If you do not receive any further documentation within 14 days of submitting a signed admission to this office you must contact us by telephone or in writing to prevent this matter proceeding to court unnecessarily.

Nominate a driver using the online nomination form by logging in here
If you are the person who keeps this vehicle on a day to day basis and has control of the keys, then you are expected to tell us who was driving. If you fail to name the driver and provide their details, then you will have to justify that failure to a court by showing you acted responsibly and made all reasonable enquiries to find out. You should outline in a covering letter what efforts you have made and how it has happened that you cannot say who was driving and attach it to the form. If the vehicle had been stolen at the time of the alleged offence you should tell us the details of when and where you reported this and the crime number you were given. If you are saying that one of several people could have been driving, then you should provide all their details and say what enquiries you have made with them. If you do not keep the vehicle, then your duty is to provide us with all the information you have or can get as to who it might have been. You should do so using a separate sheet and return it with the form. Failure to provide any information you could and should have provided may result in a prosecution for “fail to furnish”, which typically results in a higher penalty than for the driving offence and is viewed very seriously by insurance companies.
If you do not return the form you will have committed the offence of “fail to furnish” (see Q2 above) regardless of what you did or did not know about who the driver may have been. 
Images captured at the time of the alleged offence are required as evidence to confirm vehicle, speed or time into red and offence location; they are not taken to identify the driver. Responsibility rests with the recipient of this request to provide as much information as possible to identify the driver. Whilst we are under no legal obligation to provide copies of these images, you may find it helpful to view the images by logging in here.
The registered keeper details for this vehicle have been obtained from the DVLA so it may be they have not received or processed notification of the transfer/sale. Please provide details of the person or company that bought your vehicle when you nominate; you can do this using the online nomination form by logging in here.

It may also be advisable for you to contact DVLA to ensure their records are updated.

The NIP will have been issued to the last known keeper within 14 days of the alleged offence; if the date on your correspondence is more than 14 days after the alleged offence it is likely you have been nominated as the driver and you still have a responsibility to respond to the form within the time specified.
Reminders are automatically generated after 21 days for motorists who have failed to respond so your admission and the reminder may have crossed in the post.
However if you submitted your admission more than 14 days ago please contact this office to prevent this matter proceeding to court unnecessarily.
If you recently returned your admission to being the driver you should soon receive further correspondence; if you do not receive anything within 4 weeks please contact us for further advice.
Reminders are automatically generated after 21 days for motorists who have failed to respond; if you submitted your nomination more than 14 days ago please log into PAS and click  'Nominate Driver' to enter your nomination. 
If your paper nomination and the reminder have crossed in the post you may not be able to login if the notice has been updated with the information you have provided.
Please note, you can only nominate one person using PAS; if you are unsure who was driving please refer to Q2 ‘I’m not sure who was driving at the time of the alleged speeding offence'. 
We will not enter into any correspondence about an allegation of an offence until we know we are dealing with the driver, we will also not engage in “trying the case in correspondence”. If you were driving then you need to complete the driver admission part of the form and return this with a letter setting out what you are disputing. If you wish to challenge the allegation, you will have the opportunity to do so by refusing any offer of a course or fixed penalty which may be sent to you as the driver and asking for a court hearing. We strongly recommend you take legal advice before doing so.
You should seek legal advice from a reputable and qualified legal advisor; there is a great deal of advice on the internet regarding safety camera speed enforcement, much of which is incorrect and most sites carry a disclaimer to absolve them of any responsibility for actions you take as a result of their advice.
No. If you were the driver then you are required to sign the form. If we have to return the form to you because you have chosen not to sign it, this does not extend the 28 days you had to give a proper reply and could result in you being prosecuted for failing to furnish (see Q2)
Lancashire Constabulary do not offer cautions for offences; instead we allow a margin of discretion by not processing offences where the speed limit has been exceeded by less than 10% + 3mph. For example in a 30 mph limit the lowest speed we will process is 36 mph. 

Prior driving history is not taken into consideration; all motorists are treated equally.

Please check that you have entered the log in details correctly. If you are still unable to log in it is likely that we have processed your nomination. Once the notice moves onto someone else you will be unable to access PAS. If you are unable to log in and have not recently nominated please contact the Safer Roads Unit, Lancashire Constabulary
We are unable to accept S172 requirement for information forms where an admission is being made electronically and you must still complete, sign and return your form to the Safer Roads Unit via the Royal Mail. If you are nominating a driver you can do this online using the online nomination form by logging in here.
If you are going away for any length of time you should tell us when you return your admission.   You should also arrange for a redirection on your mail or for someone to forward your post to you if going abroad.  

If you do not receive your Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty or further correspondence within 4 weeks of responding you should contact the Safer Roads Unit. If you fail to make contact and fail to comply with the request for information on this form (or any subsequent offer) then the matter may proceed to court in your absence.
You can make a nomination online by logging in here. Due to current legislation laws you cannot admit to being the driver online, you will need to complete the paper form and return to the Safer Roads Unit.
Contact the DVLA by calling 0300 790 6801 to arrange for a new licence to be issued. You may also need more time to comply with the notice, in this case, please contact the Safer Roads Unit.
A Fixed Penalty cannot be paid by instalments.  If you require an extension to allow you more time to pay, contact the Safer Roads Unit. You may also request a court hearing who may be able to offer a payment plan. Please note that the court may also award costs which will increase the amount you may have to pay.
On 8 June 2015 the DVLA abolished the counterpart licence. HMCTS are now required to destroy the counterpart licence as it no longer holds a legal status
You should send your photo card licence only. If you do not have a photo card licence, you are required to send your paper licence.  As referred to in Q4 on 8 June 2015 the DVLA abolished the counterpart licence.  HMCTS are now required to destroy the counterpart licence as it no longer holds a legal status. 
An authorisation code/ payment reference is only required when making payment on the 24 hour automated payment line or on line.
The address can usually be found on the conditional offer in between section 2 and 3 the address is: North Fixed Penalties, HMCTS PO Box 223, Morley, Leeds, LS27 1DN.
In order to comply with a Fixed Penalty you must submit your photo card licence.  It is a requirement of current legislation that you submit your licence for endorsement.
In special circumstances we can accept a scan of both front and back of your photocard licence, which can be e-mailed to the fixed penalty office at NorthandWalesFPO@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk
Yes, it is recommended that you send your licence in this way, as the licence can be tracked and will be signed for on delivery.
All licences are returned 2nd class business post. Due to the high volume of licences received at HMCTS we are unable to return licences recorded delivery, the cost would be prohibitive.  If you would like your licence returned by recorded delivery you need to send a self-addressed envelope with the appropriate recorded delivery postage attached. 
No. If you are an overseas licence holder you should send a photocopy of the whole licence.  You must also enter the details on the conditional offer of fixed penalty in the Overseas Licence Holders section.
Thresholds for National Speed Awareness Course offers in Lancashire and other eligibility criteria are noted below:

Speed Limit Speed Awareness Threshold Speed Limit Speed Awareness Threshold
30 mph Up to and including 42 mph 60 mph Up to and including 75 mph
40 mph Up to and including 53 mph 70 mph Up to and including 86 mph
50 mph Up to and including 64 mph    

Thresholds for National What's Driving Us Course offers in Lancashire in relation to Red Light offences are noted below:

Time into Red Outcome
Up to 2.9 seconds Diversionary Course or Fixed Penalty
3.0 seconds and above Prosecution

The following conditions must also apply for a course offer to be made:

  • You must have admitted to being the driver within 4 months of the alleged offence.
  • You must not have completed or be in the process of completing (i.e. booked and paid) a diversionary course for a previous offence which occurred within 3 years of this offence.
  • You must provide us with your driving licence number on your admission and your licence must be in your correct name (e.g. if you have married and not changed your licence we cannot offer you a course)
Yes, you are required to produce photographic identification e.g. photo card licence at the start of the course. If you hold an old style paper driving licence, you will need to bring some other form of photographic identification such as a passport.
No, the courses are an alternative to prosecution; providing you successfully complete the course the police will not take any further action in respect of the matter.
Please visit https://offer.ndors.org.uk for further details on all available locations and course dates. Please note that course availability and fees vary.
No, at the time of booking full payment is required. 
In Lancashire, our courses are delivered by experienced Approved Driving Instructors and classroom trainers; there is no police officer involvement. This may be different in other force areas.
No, however you will be expected to make a positive contribution to the course and demonstrate a willingness to improve your driving skills.  Failure to actively engage in the class scenarios may result in the trainer asking you to leave the course and you being referred back to the referring Police force.
Client personal details will be held on the Lancashire booking system for 6 months, after which they will be anonymised and held for 3 1/2 years. Other force providers will need to provide you their policy in this area.
If you need to apply for a replacement driving licence to take up this fixed penalty offer you will need to obtain a DVLA Application for a Driving Licence (Form D1) from a Post Office or contact the DVLA on 0300 7906801. DVLA charge a fee to replace lost, stolen, damaged or incomplete driving licences. More information about this can be found at http://www.dvla.gov.uk

You have 28 days to accept the fixed penalty, any delay in applying for a new licence may jeopardise your opportunity to resolve the matter via the Conditional Offer and you may be referred to Magistrates’ Court instead.

If you have not received a new licence from DVLA within 14 days of submitting a request you should contact them immediately
No, HMCTS North Fixed Penalties is not publicly accessible; if you are worried about your documents being lost in transit you should consider sending them by recorded delivery to HMCTS.

No, your payment must be for the full fixed penalty amount as shown on your Conditional Offer letter; unfortunately there is no facility for paying by instalments. Please note, underpayments will not be accepted and overpayments will lead to a delay in processing your fixed penalty acceptance which risks the matter being referred to the Magistrates' Court.
If you plead guilty, the Magistrates' Court will consider the offence and your financial circumstances to determine the fine you will be ordered to pay and the number of penalty points to be endorsed on your driving licence; they will also order payment of a Victim Surcharge and typically, prosecution costs of £85. If you are found guilty in your absence (where no plea is provided for the hearing) the fine will likely increase. If your case proceeds to trial and you are found guilty, the fine and prosecution costs may be considerably higher.
If you receive a fixed penalty the amount is set by the government and is non-negotiable; the current penalty and points are shown on your Conditional Offer letter.
If you have received less than 9 penalty points within the last 3 years then HMCTS will be able to accept your licence and endorse it with 3 more points. It is your responsibility to ensure your employer/insurer is informed where necessary.

If you have received 9 or more penalty points on your licence within the last 3 years you are liable for disqualification and it is likely the matter will be referred to the Magistrates' Court but still submit your payment and licence to HMCTS for consideration.
If you reach 6 or more penalty points within 2 years of passing your test the DVLA may automatically revoke your licence on being notified by HMCTS who have a legal obligation to forward your licence to the DVLA in Swansea; if they make the decision to revoke your licence you will have to obtain a provisional licence and drive as a learner until you have retaken both the theory and practical tests to regain your full driving licence.